Fire Damage Restoration

Green Tree Environmental is a renowned, uniquely experienced source of environmental restoration services. Our widely recognized and reputable company, which specializes in fire, water, and mold, has built an outstanding reputation through an uncompromising commitment to excellence. What sets us apart is our commitment to our clients in the Syracuse, New York community, because as a locally run and locally owned business, we are firmly rooted in the communities we serve and we work relentlessly to ensure their prosperity.

Our customers enjoy unmatched convenience because we work with all insurance companies, allowing our valued clientele to navigate unexpected events with confidence and ease. Because we are fully insured, licensed, and bonded in the state of New York, you can rest assured that our specialists will handle any and all of your needs. Our meticulous team member selection process emphasizes qualities like integrity, honesty, and consistency, aligning with Green Tree Environmental’s unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. Our assembled group of environmental restoration specialists is genuinely dedicated to prioritizing your safety and well-being. Reach out to us today and experience for yourself how we’ve earned a reputation as a reliable business in the Syracuse region.

Fire Damage Services

What do the fire and smoke remediation, fire damage repair, and fire damage cleanup processes entail?

Our fire damage restoration service is a multi-step process that requires care, forethought, and dedication. The intricacies involved in handling structural, environmental, and health-related aspects of fire and smoke damage call for a cautious, thorough, and well-planned approach. It is only through the expertise of professionals such as those at Green Tree Environmental that these procedures can be navigated with precision, ensuring successful restoration and upholding the safety of the environment, animals, and individuals.

Some of the steps we take at our fire damage repair service in Syracuse include:

Walking you and your loved ones through every step of the process with care, compassion, and the utmost level of respect

Performing structural restoration, including removal of charred contents that could retain smoke

Treating affected surfaces for smoke odors and/or damage

Packing out all remaining content and sorting items for cleaning and/or storage

Evaluating the magnitude of damage to sensitive, damaged materials

Remediating water damage caused by firefighting

Inspecting framing

Identifying the source of the fire and determining the type of fire

Removing contents from the home or building

Returning items to their original locations and restoring the sense of home to your space

Evaluating the extent of damage to carpets and floor coverings

Evaluating areas that are wet as a result of firefighting efforts

Intricate sealing techniques to prevent odors from making their way back into the property

What steps should I take to help the smoke remediation process along?

Effective smoke damage restoration requires the expertise of our seasoned smoke cleanup service in Syracuse, New York. Nonetheless, there are several proactive measures you can implement to reduce the extent of the damage. It’s crucial to keep in mind that for comprehensive and efficient restoration, enlisting the services of Green Tree Environmental is of utmost importance. We have the specialized knowledge to skillfully manage the intricacies of smoke damage. We strongly recommend reaching out to our team for guidance on essential safety precautions, including the proper use of masks and gloves, before undertaking any cleanup tasks.

Some of the steps you can take to minimize smoke damage include:

Send heavily smoke-damaged clothing to a dry cleaner

Move your family and pets to a safe, smoke-free location

Change the air filter on your furnace

Clean laminate, chrome, porcelain, and aluminum surfaces to prevent tarnishing

Discard any open food packaging or edible goods in penetrable packages, such as paper

Use mild cleaning products to clean soot from surfaces

Open all windows to allow for ventilation and fresh air circulation

What environmental and health risks do fires pose?


After a fire, lingering odors can persist, originating mainly from volatile chemicals and hazardous substances. Odors are not only unpleasant, but they also indicate the presence of dangerous particles in the air around you. Continued exposure to these remaining odors can cause respiratory problems, degrade indoor and outdoor air quality, elicit allergic responses, and cause other problems. Without thorough, professional fire cleanup services from a trusted provider like Green Tree Environmental, a safe and healthy living or working environment cannot be guaranteed.


Smoke is an intricate combination of tiny particles, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and harmful gases. Smoke is released when materials burn, and inhaling these pollutants can lead to immediate or persistent respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Notably, smoke has the ability to spread widely, degrading air quality in its path and affecting both ecosystems and human populations. Its ecological ramifications vary widely, impacting not just plants and aquatic life but also reaching much farther. Prioritizing efficient smoke remediation and thorough smoke damage cleaning remains essential to safeguard both public health and the preservation of the environment.


Fires disperse ash, which is residue from burned materials. These fine particles and harmful substances can seep into soil, water, and the air. Inhalation of ash particles can cause respiratory and cardiovascular irritation in both humans and animals. Inhaling ash particles can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular irritation in both humans and animals. To minimize the impact on human health and the environment, ash management and disposal are complex procedures that require the involvement of a qualified fire damage repair service in Syracuse, such as Green Tree Environmental.

What are the most common types of fire?

Furnace Malfunction

A malfunctioning heating system can rapidly spark a fire, causing swift and substantial damage. These situations are definitely upsetting, but you can rely on Green Tree Environmental’s vast experience to help you recover safely and completely. Our skilled staff uses proven, tried-and-true fire remediation and restoration procedures to remove apparent and concealed hazards, resulting in a complete restoration that rebuilds your property to its pre-incident usefulness and safety.

Protein Fire

Protein fires occur when food or other organic materials ignite. Most common in kitchens, these fires result from the combustion of proteins found in items such as meat, eggs, and dairy products. Protein fires leave behind a difficult-to-remove, greasy film and strong odors. Swift and specialized Syracuse fire cleanup is essential to fully restore the impacted areas.

Natural Fire

Natural fires start and spread as a result of inevitable, natural phenomena such as spontaneous combustion, lightning strikes, or volcanic activity. These fires are not started by humans, and they cannot be avoided. Green Tree Environmental’s unrivaled fire damage repair service in Syracuse will expertly and lovingly restore your property.

Complex Fire

A complex fire is one that involves a number of components, including vegetation, wildlands, and structures. These fires can be challenging to control due to their multifaceted nature and can spread rapidly across varying landscapes. After a complex fire takes place, the most important part of the cleanup and recovery process will be finding a trustworthy fire restoration company.

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