Mold Removal Service in Cicero

Green Tree Environmental is well-known for our dependability and expertise in environmental restoration. By continually aiming to exceed the greatest standards in fire, mold, and water services, our well established and renowned business has developed an outstanding track record. What makes us different is our unwavering dedication to our clients in the Cicero, New York community, because as a locally owned and locally operated business, we have deep ties to the communities we serve and we work devotedly to ensure their safety.

We are glad to collaborate with any insurance carrier in order to give our loyal customers a simple and stress-free experience as they navigate unprecedented situations. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded in the state of New York because you deserve the confidence that comes with hiring seasoned and trustworthy pros. Green Tree Environmental places a premium on quality, which is why we carefully pick employees who are not only knowledgeable in their field, but also demonstrate qualities such as reliability, integrity, and honesty. When you work with us, you’re working with a crew that understands the complexities of environmental restoration and actually cares about your well-being. Reach out to us today and experience for yourself how we’ve earned a reputation as a reliable business in the Cicero region.

Mold Removal Services

How many types of mold are there?

In the world of mold, an astonishing multitude of species – estimated to exceed 100,00 – thrive, each harboring distinct levels of risk. While some molds pose minimal risks, others hold the potential for significant health repercussions for both humans and pets. The types of mold prevalent in commercial and residential spaces differ in their potential dangers.

Green Tree Environmental is a leading force in the battle against mold. Our proficiency in mold restoration extends far, encompassing the elimination of any mold type that could encroach upon your surroundings. We are prepared to protect your health and ensure your safety in the face of mold’s wide spectrum of potential health impacts. Through meticulous inspections, detection, and treatment, we are honored to play such a pivotal role in mitigating such serious risks.

The most common types of mold found in residential and commercial settings include:







Serpula Larcrymans

Black Mold







Aureobasidium Pullulans




What health risks are associated with mold exposure?

Being exposed to mold presents a range of noteworthy health hazards that must not be dismissed or underestimated. Even a minor amount of mold can lead to health problems that might impact your respiratory or immune system, as well as those of your pets and family. Ignoring the issue could lead to escalating risks and symptoms. To address this, Green Tree Environmental is happy to help with our extensive mold inspection services. Our Cicero mold detection experts, so we will pinpoint the presence and scope of any mold growth to help you put a stop to potential health risks. Our core objective is returning health and well-being to your environment.

Symptoms related to mold exposure include:

Lung Irritation

Asthma Attacks in Sensitive Individuals

Trouble Breathing

Skin Irritation

General Unwellness

Nasal Stuffiness, Runniness, or Irritation


Throat Irritation


Eye Irritation

Brain Fog


What should I do if I find or suspect mold in my home or business?

Finding mold in your home or business can be a disturbing situation, evoking feelings of discomfort and sparking health concerns. If you find yourself in this situation, find solace in the competence and confidence provided by Green Tree Environmental’s mold remediation services. Focused on secure and successful mold removal, our team stands ready to address any scale of mold damage, from substantial or minor.

Mold, a resilient organism, flourishes in damp, shadowy environments prone to moisture accumulation. This inconspicuous intruder not only presents health hazards, but also poses a risk to the structural soundness of your property. Our skill revolves around exposing these concealed dangers and eradicating them meticulously and cautiously. We remove mold using cutting-edge technology, so you can rest assured that all mold spores will be eliminated and mold growth will be stopped in its tracks.

Mold detection can sometimes be complex, but there are instances where you can easily see unmistakable evidence of a mold problem for yourself. If you come across moldy floors, furniture, or baseboards within your home, experience allergy symptoms, detect a musty odor, or suspect moisture problems, reach out to Green Tree Environmental. We don’t just remove mold – we also reestablish your sense of security. We address the underlying cause of organism growth to prevent mold from recurring, and we take great delight in providing a healthy living or working environment for our loyal customers.

If you need to safely and effectively eliminate mold in your home or business, call our mold remediation service in Cicero, New York right away at 315-447-8647.