Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage Services

What are the most common types of fire?

Protein Fire

A protein fire is a type of fire that occurs when food or organic materials burn. Most common in kitchens, these fires result from the combustion of proteins found in items such as meat, eggs, and dairy products. Protein fires produce pungent odors and create greasy, hard-to-remove residues. Swift, specialized Binghamton fire cleanup is necessary to restore affected spaces.

Complex Fire

A complex fire refers to a fire event that involves a combination of factors such as vegetation, structures, and wildlands. These fires can be challenging to control due to their multifaceted nature and can spread rapidly across varying landscapes. In the aftermath of a complex fire, hiring a fire restoration company becomes an essential part of effectively cleaning up the extensive damage.

Natural Fire

A natural fire is a fire that ignites and spreads due to natural factors like lightning strikes, volcanic activity, or spontaneous combustion. Humans are not to blame for these fires. When you choose Green Tree Environmental for our unparalleled fire damage repair service in Binghamton, we’ll help you restore your property with care and expertise.

Furnace Malfunction

Fires can occur when a defective heating system ignites flammable materials, and these furnace malfunction fires can cause extensive damage. These incidents are certainly distressing, but you can count on the specialized expertise of Green Tree Environmental to help you safely and thoroughly recover. Our experienced team uses our fire remediation and restoration techniques to eliminate visible damage and hidden risks alike, ensuring a complete restoration that makes your space as safe and functional as it was before the incident.

What environmental and health risks do fires pose?


Fires disperse ash, which is residue from burned materials. This residue contains fine particles and toxic substances, which can infiltrate soil, water, and air. The release of chemicals and contaminants can be detrimental to local ecosystems and pose a number of short-term and long-term ecological disruptions. Inhaling ash particles can irritate the respiratory and cardiovascular systems in humans and animals. Management and proper disposal of ash are complicated processes that require a skilled fire damage repair service in Binghamton, like Green Tree Environmental, to minimize the impact on environmental and human health.


Smoke is an elaborate blend of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), toxic gases, and fine particulates. Smoke is released during combustion, and inhaling its pollutants can cause immediate and/or long-term respiratory and heart complications. Smoke has a unique ability to spread over large areas and degrade air quality everywhere it reaches, affecting ecosystems and human populations alike. It can have far-reaching ecological consequences, impacting vegetation, aquatic life, and far beyond. Effective smoke remediation and smoke damage cleaning are vital for both public health and the environment.


Odors can linger after a fire, with the most concerning factor being the origin of those odors – volatile chemicals and hazardous substances. Odors aren’t just obnoxious, but they also serve as an indication of harmful particles in the environment. Prolonged exposure to these lingering odors can compromise indoor and outdoor air quality, trigger reactions, irritate the respiratory system, and more. Without thorough, professional fire cleanup services from a trusted provider like Green Tree Environmental, a safe and healthy living or working environment cannot be guaranteed.

What do the fire and smoke remediation, fire damage repair, and fire damage cleanup processes entail?

Our fire damage restoration service is a multi-step, in-depth process that must be executed carefully, thoughtfully, and diligently. The intricacies involved in handling structural, environmental, and health-related aspects of fire and smoke damage call for a cautious, thorough, and well-planned approach. Only skilled professionals like those at Green Tree Environmental are equipped to navigate these procedures with precision to ensure effective restoration and the safety of the environment, animals, and people.

Some of the steps we take at our fire damage repair service in Binghamton include:

Walking you and your loved ones through every step of the process with care, compassion, and the utmost level of respect

Identifying the source of the fire and determining the type of fire

Evaluating areas that are wet as a result of firefighting efforts

Remediating water damage caused by firefighting

Evaluating the magnitude of damage to sensitive, damaged materials

Removing contents from the home or building

Packing out all remaining content and sorting items for cleaning and/or storage

Performing structural restoration, including removal of charred contents that could retain smoke

Evaluating the extent of damage to carpets and floor coverings

Inspecting framing

Treating affected surfaces for smoke odors and/or damage

Intricate sealing techniques to prevent odors from making their way back into the property

Returning items to their original locations and restoring the sense of home to your space

What steps should I take to help the smoke remediation process along?

Smoke damage restoration requires the expertise of our seasoned smoke cleanup service in Binghamton, New York. However, there are a number of proactive measures you can take to minimize the extent of the damage. Keep in mind that for comprehensive and effective restoration, you’ll want to enlist the services of Green Tree Environmental. We have the specialized knowledge to safely address the intricacies of smoke damage. We urge you to talk to our team about proper safety measures – such as masks and gloves – before you attempt to tackle any cleanup tasks.

Some of the steps you can take to minimize smoke damage include:

Open all windows to allow for ventilation and fresh air circulation

Clean laminate, chrome, porcelain, and aluminum surfaces to prevent tarnishing

Change the air filter on your furnace

Discard any open food packaging or edible goods in penetrable packages, such as paper

Send heavily smoke-damaged clothing to a dry cleaner

Move your family and pets to a safe, smoke-free location

Use mild cleaning products to clean soot from surfaces

Your home or business deserves the premier fire restoration service in Binghamton, so call Green Tree Environmental today at 315-447-8647.