Mold Removal Service in Cazenovia

Green Tree Environmental shines as a symbol of reliability and proficiency in the field of environmental restoration. Focusing on mold, water, and fire services, our esteemed company has built a strong name by consistently striving for the highest standards. What distinguishes us is our dedication to our clients and the Cazenovia, New York community as a whole because as a locally owned and operated business, we are deeply rooted in the neighborhoods we serve, working tirelessly to preserve their well-being

Our customers enjoy unmatched convenience because we work with all insurance companies, allowing our valued clientele to navigate unexpected events with confidence and ease. Our credentials speak volumes about our professionalism – we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded in the State of New York, which means we prioritize your peace of mind. Green Tree Environmental’s everlasting commitment to setting the standard is always at the forefront of our minds, so we carefully select people who not only have considerable knowledge, but also display values such as honesty, truthfulness, and dependability. When you choose us, you are hiring a team that knows every facet of environmental restoration and values the property, pets, and people that are most important to you. Call us today and let us show you why we’re a trusted name in the Cazenovia area.

Mold Removal Services

What should I do if I find or suspect mold in my home or business?

Finding mold in your home or business can be a scary experience, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and fearful for your health. In those moments, you can take comfort in the expertise and assurance of Green Tree Environmental’s mold remediation services. Specializing in safe and effective mold removal, our team is here to eliminate any mold damage, extensive or minor.

Mold is a resilient organism that lurks in dark, damp areas where moisture might be present. This silent invader doesn’t just pose health risks, but it also jeopardizes the structural integrity of your property. Our expertise lies in unveiling these hidden threats and eradicating them with thorough and careful precision. We remove mold using cutting-edge technology, so you can rest assured that all mold spores will be eliminated and mold growth will be stopped in its tracks.

Mold detection is sometimes complicated, but there are certainly cases in which you can see definitive proof of a mold problem for yourself. If you find moldy flooring, baseboards, or furniture in your home, have cold or allergy symptoms, smell a musty odor, or know of moisture issues in your residence, give Green Tree Environmental a call. We don’t just remove mold – we restore your sense of security. We address the root cause of organism growth to prevent mold from reappearing in the future, and we take great pride in creating a healthy living or working environment for our valued customers.

What health risks are associated with mold exposure?

Exposure to mold poses a number of significant health risks that shouldn’t be ignored or underestimated. Even a small amount of mold can trigger health issues that might affect your respiratory or immune system – or those of your pets and family. Left unchecked, risks and symptoms can escalate. Green Tree Environmental is here to help with our comprehensive mold inspection services. Our Cazenovia mold detection experts will identify the presence and extent of any mold growth, then help you mitigate potential health hazards. Our business is all about restoring health and wellness to your space.

Symptoms related to mold exposure include:

Throat Irritation


Eye Irritation


Nasal Stuffiness, Runniness, or Irritation

Skin Irritation

Lung Irritation

Asthma Attacks in Sensitive Individuals


Trouble Breathing

Brain Fog

General Unwellness

How many types of mold are there?

With a staggering array of mold species – estimated to exceed 100,000! – varied levels of harm exist. Certain molds carry minimal risk, but others have the potential for severe human and pet health implications. The types of mold prevalent in commercial and residential spaces differ in their potential dangers.

Green Tree Environmental is your dedicated ally in the fight against mold. Our mold restoration expertise is far-reaching, extending to the eradication of any mold variety that might infiltrate your space. Because of mold’s broad spectrum of potential health impacts, we stand ready to ensure your safety and protect your health. Through meticulous inspections, detection, and treatment, we are honored to play such a pivotal role in mitigating such serious risks.

The most common types of mold found in residential and commercial settings include:











Serpula Larcrymans

Aureobasidium Pullulans




Black Mold



If you need to safely and effectively eliminate mold in your home or business, call our mold remediation service in Cazenovia, New York right away at 315-447-8647.