Mold Removal Service in Fayetteville

Green Tree Environmental is a dependable source of integrity and knowledge in the field of environmental restoration. Our recognized and renowned company, which specializes in fire, mold, and water services, has built an impeccable reputation through an unrelenting commitment to excellence. The thing that differentiates us is our enthusiasm for serving both the Fayetteville, New York community and the people who make it so great, and as a proud, locally operated and owned business, we are eternally ingrained in the ver fabric of the communities we graciously serve.

We’re delighted to work with any insurance provider, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for our loyal customers in times of need. Our competence is backed up by impressive credentials – we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded in New York State, and we prioritize your comfort and health. Because Green Tree Environmental’s unwavering commitment to quality is paramount, we meticulously select employees who not only possess exceptional expertise, but also embody traits of trustworthiness, integrity, and reliability. When you hire us, you are employing a company that understands every element of environmental restoration and cares about the property, pets, and people you love so much. Reach out to us today and witness firsthand how we’ve earned a reputation as a pillar in the Fayetteville community.

Mold Removal Services

What health risks are associated with mold exposure?

Exposure to mold carries several substantial health hazards that should never be dismissed or downplayed. Mold, even in small amounts, can impair your immune and respiratory systems, as well as those of your pets and loved ones. If left unattended, these symptoms and risks can exacerbate. To address this, Green Tree Environmental is happy to help with our extensive mold inspection services. Before we can assist you with reducing any health risks, our Fayetteville mold detection experts will examine the presence and degree of any mold growth. Our commitment revolves around restoring health and safety to your surroundings.

Symptoms related to mold exposure include:

Lung Irritation

Eye Irritation


Skin Irritation


Brain Fog

Throat Irritation

Asthma Attacks in Sensitive Individuals

General Unwellness


Nasal Stuffiness, Runniness, or Irritation

Trouble Breathing

What should I do if I find or suspect mold in my home or business?

Finding mold in your home or business can be a disturbing situation, evoking feelings of discomfort and sparking health concerns. In those moments, you can take comfort in the expertise and assurance of Green Tree Environmental’s mold remediation services. Our crew specializes in mold removal that is both safe and effective, and we are here to remove any mold damage, large or small.

Mold is a persistent organism that thrives in dark, damp, humid environments. This sly intruder not only threatens your health, but also the structural integrity of your home. Our expertise is in discovering and effectively eradicating these undiscovered risks. We remove mold using cutting-edge technology, so you can be confident that mold growth has been inhibited and all mold spores have been destroyed.

Mold detection may prove difficult in many cases, but there are times when you can see obvious signs of a mold problem with your own eyes. If you come across moldy flooring, baseboards, or furniture in your home, experience cold or allergy symptoms, detect a musty odor, or are aware of moisture problems within your residence, don’t hesitate to reach out to Green Tree Environmental. We do more than just eradicate mold – we also restore your sense of security. We delve into the root causes of growth to prevent mold recurrence, and we take immense satisfaction in fostering a healthful living or working environment for our dedicated customers.

How many types of mold are there?

In the world of mold, a staggering diversity of species – estimated to surpass 100,000 – exists, each carrying a different degree of harm. While some kinds of mold pose minimal risk, others possess the potential for significant health repercussions for pets and humans alike. The kinds of mold found in commercial and residential environments differ in terms of their potential hazards.

Green Tree Environmental stands by your side as a committed partner in the battle against mold. Our proficiency in mold restoration encompasses a broad range of species, addressing the elimination of any mold type that might invade your environment. We are poised to ensure your safety and protect your health against the diverse spectrum of potential health risks caused by mold. We are happy for the chance to play a significant role in reducing these potential hazards through stringent inspections, identification, and treatment.

The most common types of mold found in residential and commercial settings include:











Serpula Larcrymans






Black Mold

Aureobasidium Pullulans

If you need to safely and effectively eliminate mold in your home or business, call our mold remediation service in Fayetteville, New York right away at 315-447-8647.