Flood Damage Service in Camillus

Green Tree Environmental is well-known for our experience and expertise in environmental restoration services. Focusing on mold, water, and fire services, our esteemed company has built a strong name by consistently striving for the highest standards. What makes us so distinct is our passion for supporting both the Camillus, New York community and the folks that make this city so great, and as a proud, locally owned, locally operated business, we are forever embedded in the DNA of the communities we so gladly serve.

We take our comprehensive approach seriously, working with every insurance carrier because we never want our valued customers to experience unnecessary worry. Our aptitude is backed up by our remarkable credentials – we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded in New York State, and we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction above all. At Green Tree Environmental, we value quality above every other factor, which is why we carefully select employees who are not only experienced in their field, but also demonstrate dependability, honesty, and trustworthiness. When you work with us, you’re working with a crew that understands the complexities of environmental restoration and actually cares about your well-being. Contact us now, and allow us to illustrate why we’re a renowned name in the Camillus region.

Water Damage Remediation Services

What does your flood restoration service in Skaneateles do?

Green Environmental puts your safety and health at the forefront. If you find your home flooded, please contact us promptly for assistance. Our comprehensive water damage restoration services will assist you in resuming your life as soon as possible. To avoid the growth of mold and the entry of other dangerous substances into your living spaces, immediate action is required. At the first indication of water damage, schedule an initial water inspection by contacting us.

Our technicians will employ cutting-edge water extraction equipment to complete your multi-step flood damage restoration, which includes:

Water Extraction

Water Remediation


Water Damage Repair/Removal

Odor Control

Flood Damage Restoration

Water Restoration

Mold Remediation, As Needed

Removal of Damaged Items

And More!

Why is it important to call Green Tree Environmental immediately when I find water damage?

In the face of water damage, swift action must be taken to prevent the issue from escalating. Green Tree Environmental stands prepared to promptly address water damage, offering immediate solutions to safeguard your property. Water can swiftly permeate flooring, leading to distortion and compromised structural integrity. Untamed, it can erode walls and lead to costly repairs. A paramount concern is mold growth, which can further increase restoration costs and pose health risks.

The most practical way to remove water damage is to call Green Tree Environmental so we can help you avoid extensive and irreversible damage. Our quick response stops water in its potentially devastating tracks, saving the integrity of your property and the well-being of your family. We guarantee the most efficient, comprehensive, professional, and timely water removal Camillus, New York can deliver. Don’t delay! Allow us to finish your water mitigation project quickly so you can regain your peace of mind.

What steps should I take when I realize I have flood damage?

We understand the feelings of powerlessness and dread that come with discovering water damage. While contacting our flood restoration service in Camillus should be your most critical and immediate priority, there are some other things you can take to limit damage.

We recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Tell us you need our water damage service in Camillus by calling Green Tree Environmental at 315-447-8647.
  2. Open all doors (including closets) to create airflow throughout your home.
  3. If you have any water-damaged books, pack them together.
  4. Move any valuable documents, photos, or personal belongings to a safe location.
  5. Keep all draperies off the floor. If they’re already touching the floor, take them down as soon as possible.
  6. If any of your furniture is wet, wipe it down to the best of your ability.
  7. Blot and mop any standing water.
  8. Try not to stress! Our Camillus water restoration specialists will be there soon to help you put this frustrating and overwhelming situation behind you.

What steps should I avoid when I have a water-damaged property?

Encountering water damage on your property sparks intense emotions. As you face unexpected challenges that threaten your space, feelings of shock and distress may arise. Contemplating the potential scope of damage, its impact on structural integrity, safety, and cherished belongings might heighten your worries. In this difficult time, Green Tree Environmental serves as a guiding beacon. When you reach out to us, we’ll work to restore your sanctuary to its former state and make you feel at ease once again.

When you discover water damage, there are certain actions you should avoid for your own safety. We urge you not to:

Attempt to clean mold yourself

Use any wet electronics

Enter a room with standing water if your electricity is on, shutting off all breakers before entering or avoiding those rooms altogether until our team arrives

Remove any permanent flooring, including carpeting

Attempt to vacuum water

If you suspect water damage in your home or business, call for experienced, thorough flood restoration service in Camillus right away at 315-447-8647.