Mold Removal Service in Binghamton

Green Tree Environmental is a trusted source of integrity and expertise in the domain of environmental restoration. Our well-known and recognized company, which excels in fire, mold, and water services, has built an impressive track record through an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our love for the Binghamton, New York community and the residents who make it so special sets us apart, and as a proud, locally owned and run business, we are forever a part of the very fabric of the area we so gratefully serve.

We take our all-inclusive approach seriously, collaborating with every insurance provider because we never want a treasured customer to experience additional stress. Our aptitude is backed up by our remarkable credentials – we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded in New York State, and we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction above all. Because Green Tree Environmental’s unwavering commitment to quality is paramount, we meticulously select employees who not only possess exceptional expertise, but also embody traits of trustworthiness, integrity, and reliability. Allowing us to help you entails recruiting a team that is knowledgeable about environmental restoration and sincerely dedicated to your health and safety. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be delighted to illustrate what distinguishes us as a cornerstone of the Binghamton community.

Mold Removal Services

How many types of mold are there?

Within the expansive realm of mold species – believed to surpass 100,000 in number! – a diverse range of harmful effects exists. While some molds pose minimal risks, others hold the potential for significant health repercussions for both humans and pets. The species of mold commonly found in commercial and residential settings vary in terms of their potential hazards.

Green Tree Environmental is an active player in the fight against mold. Our expertise in mold restoration is wide-reaching, covering the elimination of any mold type that could have invaded your residential or commercial space. In the face of mold’s wide spectrum of potential health impacts, we are prepared to ensure your safety and protect your health. Through exhaustive inspections, detection, and remediation, we take pride in our essential role in mitigating such significant risks.

The most common types of mold found in residential and commercial settings include:




Black Mold





Aureobasidium Pullulans







Serpula Larcrymans



What should I do if I find or suspect mold in my home or business?

Finding mold in your home or business can be unsettling, evoking discomfort and igniting health concerns. In such instances, find solace in the proficiency and assurance provided by Green Tree Environmental’s mold remediation services. Focused on secure and efficient mold removal, our team is dedicated to eradicating any scale of mold damage, whether substantial or minor.

Mold is a stubborn organism that flourishes in dark, damp, wet places. This silent invader doesn’t just pose health risks, but it also jeopardizes the structural integrity of your property. Our expertise is in uncovering these hidden risks and removing them with thoroughness and care. Employing the most advanced technology, we remove mold, ensuring complete eradication of mold spores and putting an end to mold growth with utmost certainty.

Mold detection can be difficult in many cases, but there are occasions in which you can see definitive confirmation of a mold problem with the naked eye. Contact Green Tree Environmental if you detect moldy floors, furniture, or baseboards in your home, notice a musty odor, experience allergies or cold symptoms, or suspect moisture issues. We don’t just remove mold – we restore your sense of security. We delve into the underlying causes of growth to prevent mold from reappearing, and we are proud to cultivate a healthy living or working atmosphere for our esteemed customers.

What health risks are associated with mold exposure?

Mold exposure poses a number of major health risks that should not be downplayed or dismissed. Even a little bit of mold can harm your immune and respiratory systems, as well as those of your family and pets. If symptoms and concerns are neglected, they might intensify. Green Tree Environmental is here to help with our extensive mold inspection services. Before helping you by mitigating potential health hazards, our Binghamton mold detection experts will determine the existence and extent of any mold development. Our business is committed to restoring your home’s safety and health.

Symptoms related to mold exposure include:

Nasal Stuffiness, Runniness, or Irritation


Brain Fog

Eye Irritation

Throat Irritation

Asthma Attacks in Sensitive Individuals


General Unwellness

Lung Irritation

Skin Irritation


Trouble Breathing

If you need to safely and effectively eliminate mold in your home or business, call our mold remediation service in Binghamton, New York right away at 315-447-8647.